Welcome to Uttranchal Pest Control

Uttranchal Pest Control is the Premier Company in the field of Pest Management Services with well managed professionals since last seven years. Our Head office is situated at South Extension New Delhi Besides two other offices in India i.e. Namely Uttarakhand and Maharashtra.

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General Pest Control
This Service will cover all types off crawling and flying insect like: Cockroaches, Flies Mosquitoes, Silverfish, Lizard, Bedbug, Ants and Other Deadly Insect.To Control Cockroaches, Silverfish and Ants.We use of Different types of Spray Chemicals, Gel treatments and Herbal treatments.
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Rodent Control
To Control Rodents we use Rodent Cage, Glue Pads, Bait Station Boxes, Chemical Baits and mix food stuff which will reduce the menace of rodents. Rodent Control should be well planned and preferably involve determining the extent of the infestation, Proper Application of Different Chemicals

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Fogging Treatment
Fogging is Considered as an Important tool to manage the adult mosquitoes, which has the capability of spreading these diseases. Managing adult mosquitoes not only disturb the life cycle of mosquitoes by bringing down the population of those mosquitoes which has the potential to multiply.
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Anti Termite Treatment
Termite poses the greatest threat to Interior, Designer, Builder and all structure throughout the world. They bore galleries in wood and forage for food. In many offices structures, damage is not only limited to timber but also to wall covering of building contents name of cellulose.
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